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The biggest turtle in the world below will make you feel amazed. Picture below is a photograph of star fruit turtle laying eggs in the nesting beach Jamursba medi, West Papua bird’s head. In the month of August 2009.  These animal by Indonesia in general society, known as the star fruit turtle, because the back looks like a star fruit, only the colors range from blue-black to blackish gray with white spots of fins, head and back.

Almost the entire life cycle is spent at sea turtles, this cycle began when, Tukik or child turtles hatch from eggs, then crawl out of the nest in nature sand beach, and into the ocean for the first time. After that over time the turtle will migrate and become part of the ocean food chain. After several years of sea turtles become sexually mature, the next place male and female turtles will perform the marriage. After the marriage of male turtles will return to the area searching for food and the females will go to the beach to lay their eggs when the time comes.

Biggest Turtle

Biggest Turtle (2)

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